Error when invoke data


I do invoke data source on page but error "otnet: obj\Debug\netcoreapp3.0\Razor\Pages\AddCustomer.razor.g.cs(75,22): error CS1503: Argument 10: cannot convert from 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.EventCallback' to 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.EventCallback<QuanLyBanHang.Models.OtErp.TblSoCustomer>' [F:\GitHub02\RadZen-Projects\QuanLyBanHang\server\QuanLyBanHang.csproj]"

Pls help.

Is this application created by Radzen or custom? What’s the code and when the error is raised? On load of the page? On some event?

Hi Enchev,

It is I create new page. Then, I do with submit event of template form.


It compile and run well in VS 2019 without any error, but the app can not run in Radzen.


Is the app created by Radzen or it is custom app?

The app was created by Radzen. I only add new page in Radzen and imitate step by step to of a page created by auto CRUD.

So the page is custom similar to auto-generated CRUD Add page? Can you check how the form is setup in your case? For CRUD Add page Radzen will generate Page load with new entity instance bound to the form like this:

Your steps is fine no thing happened but error from submit handle: