Error when Export decimals to Excel

Hello everyone,
when I export data to Excel which contains decimals like 199.99 I get the following error when I try to open the generated Excel file in Excel:

When I click "yes" I get the following info:
When I remove the column with the decimals from the export everything works fine.
It would be great if you could test if you get the same error and if it is an issue it would be great if you could tell me what I can do to fix it.
Thanks in advance.

I couldn't reproduce this issue by exporting the OrderDetails table from the Northwind database. I am attaching the produced Excel file which seems to be (18.9 KB)

Can you send us the Excel file to for inspection? It could be some localization issue (outputting the number with incorrect decimal separator for example).

Hi @korchev,

thank you for the quick reply. I've sent the Excel file to
I can open your attached Excel file without any problems.

Best regards,