Error rendering component grid0

In Radzen, when viewing one particular page (Job Candidates), the datagrid returns an "Error rendering component grid0" error. When the page is viewed in a web browser, it seems to run normally. This is a page that was created from a table using Automatic Page Generation. Because I do a lot of trial-and-error changes, I cannot be certain of the cause, but it seemed to start happening now that I just upgraded to beta 2.0.

Hi @Chadrick,

Please check log.txt for any errors and post them:

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@Chadrick in addition you can send us the meta directory of your Radzen application to so we can troubleshoot.


I just emailed the log and the Meta folder. I couldn’t find anything specifically about the job-candidates page (there were some for Edit Job Candidates but I think they’re unrelated). Thanks again! Chadrick

Got your email. Will investigate what the problem is and post updates.

I also experienced this error today. I closed RadZen and restarted that seem to eliminate the error. I suspect it will be a larger issue if others are experiencing it.

The described error has been already fixed with beta 3.