Error on submit : Generated .ts enclosing textbox form component value in quotation marks

Hi Atanas / Vladimir / Radzen Team
Running on Radzen latest on Mac
Using the page with a form or template-form.
When summiting the changes of the input form or template-form, if the component is a textbox or textarea, it encloses the value in quotation marks, as shown below in the ${event.movementDesc} :

Also, it seems not parsing correctly the current logged username, or Am I doing it wrong?

Can you help me?

Hi @Jose_Carrillo,

What seems to be the problem? The generated code looks correct - Radzen always generates string interpolations for parameters that are of sting type.

Hi Atanas, Thanks for your fast response. I just checked the database. With the form set as template-form, it seems fine, but originally when set as a form, I think something was not good.

Take a look at this other image from the db table, records from 8th are fine, they were stored when the form set as template-form but the previous records were stored with the previous field name, the column name was "reason". I don't know if the code interpreted the column name badly

Thanks again for the great support.

This is indeed strange and shouldn't have happened. Can you reproduce it again? If you can lest us know.

Sure, I will try to reproduce it!