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I am using the RadZen trial. When I first run my test application all goes smoothly However, when make changes and run it again I get this error. The application does not run. I don’t know if this is a bug or developer error. Suggestions?

dotnet: C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\2.1.4\Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets(4106,5): warning MSB3026: Could not copy “obj\Debug\netcoreapp2.0\server.dll” to “bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.0\server.dll”

Hi John,

It seems that the sever,dll is locked by a process for some reason. Can you try to exit the app in Radzen (go to all applications screen), open the app and run it again?

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Kill the “dotnet” Task in Taskmanager will help.
For some reason the dotnet process doesnt close for around 50% of all the time.
it’s bothering and if anybody finds out how to get rid of this… let me know! :slight_smile:


Vladimir - I have done that, closing and reopening it does not work. The only way I have found is to restart the dev pc. That really slows up the work process. Perhaps a fix…

Thomas - thanks I will try that next. Hopefully RadZen will find a more elegant solution in the days to come.

I appreciate the suggestions and help.

John W.

Do you stop the application before making changes or not? Also are those changes? Honestly we haven’t got the locking error to appear very often let alone 50% of the times. We would appreciate some steps that predictably reproduce the locking so we can troubleshoot at our side.

I was not stopping the app first. I was simply closing the browser. As I recall the button goes from Stop back to Run which I assume also re-compiles the app.

As it stands now. (My steps)
I open RadZen
I open my test app
I make changes to a page
I run the app
The first time I run the app it works as expected.
I close the browser
Make changes to the page
Use the Run button
I now get the error 100% of the time
I reboot the pc
It runs the first time and errors after that.

Hope this helps.

It appears to be a workflow issue on my part.

I tried closing the browser and then the Stop button. That seems to be the solution, at least for now. If the error comes back I will update the thread…

Thanks to everyone!