Error CS0246

Hi! I'm using Radzen Community Edition and I tried to manually deploy app to my IIS server. I followed instruction from Manual Build and Deploy in Documentation section but from some reason I got blank app (only Favicon and app name is loaded and if I visit website from my phone it only loads name and theme header color).

After I failed to deploy it on remote ISS I tried to run it locally on my localhost and it worked.

After that I reopened Radzen and tried to run app but it gives me error CS0246 controller created for every table that is in my database even I haven't used those tables in my project. Now there is no way to rebuild app in Radzen and I can't continue developing.

Is there any way to fix this issue?

P.S. Now if I run ng serve --prod in client folder it let me to open login page on localhost:4200 but after I enter email and password and click on Login button nothing happens.

Hi @gotik911,

The .NET part of your app (project located in server folder) cannot be compiled for some reason. If you do not have any modifications you can simply delete server folder and run the app from Radzen to generate it.

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Thank you Vladimir, it worked! I'll create new thread to ask about manual build and deploy to IIS.

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