Error creating DataList

If I create a new page and drop a datalist control and sets its data property to an exiting getxxxx item it fails to build due to a problem with the TItem assigned.

The problem is the TItem is not fully qualified with the namespace as so it clashes with a similar item (a page of the same name, in this case the name is Project). If I manually edit the VS code to fix it with a fully qualified name it compiles and works.

If I try to override the attribute TItem in the Radzen designer with my fully qualified name for that datalist I end up with duplicate tags ie my override does not replace the auto generated one but adds to it.

This problem only shows when there is a clash, if I were to create this from an empty project it would not clash.

Any ideas please?

Hi @timt,

We will try to handle both problems in the next version: ability to overwrite TItem and generate TItem with full name including namespace.

You are a star! (5 in fact!)