Error but I do not understand


In a page I invoked a data source getTblImployeeByEmployeeID, then create a parameter Employee_ID, then run my project, it inform error ".....razor.designer.cs(310,95): error CS0103: The name 'Employee_ID' does not exist in the current context". I have not understood the logic of Radzen then I can not fix it.


Hi @Dzung,

I am afraid I don't understand the problem you are describing. Providing more info and or screenshots would definitely help.

Try nameof(Model.Employee_ID)

Hi @korchev,

I open the ...designer.cs in VS, the parameter has not imported in code.


I tried but it does not work. Thanks @Takltape

How is that page open? Does it have such a parameter defined when it is open (either via dialog or navigation)? Shows us the event which opens the page.

It is in page load event:

I need to see the code which loads that page (either via Open Dialog or Navigate To Page action).

I have no code it is just an edit form popup from data grid.

I am confused. The original error you reported is about Employee_ID. The screenshots you paste are about NhanVien_ID. Is that the same case? What is the code generated for that page? The *.designer.cs file contains code for all parameters in the form:

public dynamic ParameterName

Hi I just translated it. This lien of code has not generated.


We have to see your complete application. The provided info is not sufficient to determine the cause of the problem.


I sent my code.
Thank you.