Enabling a disabled RadzenDatePicker

Hi, i got a problem with Disabled RadzenDatePicker, after enabling a disabled component I can't open the calendar

<div class="rz-p-12 rz-text-align-center">
    <RadzenButton Click=@(args => isDisabled = !isDisabled) Text="isDisabled" ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Primary" />
    <RadzenLabel Text="Select Date" Component="RadzenDatePickerBindValue" Style="margin-right: 8px; vertical-align: middle;" />
    <RadzenDatePicker @bind-Value=@value Name="RadzenDatePickerBindValue" Disabled=@isDisabled />

@code {
    DateTime? value;
    bool isDisabled = false;

Blazor DatePicker Component _ Free UI Components by Radzen - Google Chrome 2024-03-25 15-02-44

Thanks! Will be fixed immediately and the fix will be released before the end of the week.

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