Enable button after row selected

I often have the need to display a list of items and have actions for them. The “action”-button should be disabled by default unless I have selected one of the items in the grid. I thought I could solve it by handling the event “RowSelected” and then have a “set property” type and use something like this: Name=${button0.Disabled} with Value=True. But this doesn’t work.

What could I use instead?

Thanks, Markus

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Hi @YnotBetter,

Do you want to have only one button enabled at a time (the one belonging to the selected row)? If yes you can try something like this:

  1. Set a page property e.g. ‘selectedID’ to null
  2. Set the Disabled property of the button to ${data.ID != selectedID}
  3. In the RowSelected event set the selectedID property to ${event.ID}

Replace ID with some property which uniquely identifies a data item from the DataGrid.

What this should do is enable only the button corresponding to the currently selected data item.