Email Validator

Hi Radzen Team,
Do you have an example of how to use the email validator as I was unable to find an example?
I have an optional email field with a validator attached. If text is entered the validator works as expected however if the email field is blank the invalid email is still displayed and it is not possible to submit the form.
I did try using textbox Change Event to set a variable bound to the validator visible property based upon text length but did not work.

Indeed it seems the default Angular email validator checks if the value is not empty first. This makes it not allow empty values as valid emails. We will address that in the next Radzen release.

This has been addressed in Radzen 2.14.2. The EmailValidator will not trigger on empty values any more.

Thanks @korchev
That fixes the issue.

Hello radzen team,
in blazor components the Email validator triggers on empty values as discribed by @mumfie for angular.
Can you please correct this?

Kind Regards

Will do with the next release.