Element visibility depending on visible properties

Hi Guys

I’m having an issue when trying to change the visibility of a specific item in a complaints system I am developing.
My question is, how can I make it so that the visibility of an element is dependent on a property of a complaint?

Each complaint has a status (Open, Closed or Cancelled). Depending on the status of each complaint, different buttons need to be shown. When viewing a complaint that is ‘Open’, all but buttons need to be shown except the ‘Re-Open’ button as the complaint should not be able to be reopened as it is already open.

When the popup is loaded, the status is checked to see if it is currently open. If the complaint is open then a property ‘ShowReOpen’ is set to false as the ReOpen button should not be shown:

I have then gone into the properties of the ReOpen button and set it’s visibility to the value of ShowReOpen:

However when opening a specific complaint, the ReOpen button is hidden no matter what the status of the complaint.

Many thanks, Bruno

Hi @BrunoRamos,

Please check my response to your email. I believe everything is right except the time when the ShowReOpen property is being set.