Elastic Search


is there any way to connect on EL API with Security Plugin enabled ?

Hi @aliczin,

We are not sure what you are asking. Could you elaborate?

i am asking two scenario


Elastic Search Server as a primary data source

  1. i have elastic-search instance
  2. i want use as a an main data provider
  3. elastic-search use REST-API, but security is not OAuth - it use HTTP BASIC, JWT, and OpenID

i dont undestand is it real use ES as a main data provider.


  1. i have elastic-search instance
  2. i have a postgresql instanse

is there any chance to use 2 datasources - PG for ASP.NET Identity and Elastic for documents and others ?

You can use a separate data source for ASP.NET Identity just fine. However using the REST datasource against the Elastic search API may not work. You can however use the Elastic search .NET Core client to fetch data. Check this help article to see how to use custom code in similar scenarios. Yes, it still uses Entity Framework but you can replace the implementation with Elastic search API requests.

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