Editing Tabs does not work in certain cases

If you create a Tab control on the page with multiple tabs, you can set the "Selected" property of a tab to make it the "active" tab. However, it is not possible to add or edit any child components within this selected tab unless the active tab has the index "0" (so it is the very first in the tab list). If this index of the selected tab is > 0, it is not possible to make any changes to the child elements in the visual editor of Radzen.

This looks like bug to me. Any ideas?

Are you using Radzen Blazor Studio or Radzen Studio? Also please specify the steps required to reproduce this problem.

I'm using Radzen Studio with a Balzor app. Here are the steps to reproduce:

1.) Create a new, empty app.
2.) Add an empty page.
3.) Add a "Tab" component to the page and add some tabs to it.
4.) Set "RenderMode" to "Client"
5.) Now, set the "Selected" property of a tab to "Selected".

If you select the Tab with index "0", you can add, select and edit components within the tab (child components). As one would expect.

But if you select a tab with an index > "0", you cannot modify or add the child items any more. If you click on a child item, it's properties are shown on the property pane on the right, but the selection gets lost so you cannot move it or use the context menu to select the parent or use copy/pase/duplicate.

I assume this is due to "RenderMode" = "Client". If being set to "Server", you can also edit/select/add child items in all tabs, not matter which index they have.

Yes, this is correct. Please use Server as a workaround.