Edit column in datagrid and reference key for cascading table

I have a datagrid working well with one of column declared with properties like below:

Property------------- template------------------------------
REF_cw_Vcenter ${data.CwVcenter?.AssetName}

How should looks template while we are going to use the property like below:
CwCluster.REF_cw_Vcenter ?

CwCluster and CwVcenter we have property as Result tied to the Right working invoke data source metod.
Summary: Is there posibility to call cascading column from table which has ref_cw_Vcenter and references key not exist directly like in working example in the data(first Statement of the ticket) only we have to use refereces to one table(CwCluster) and in this table we have next references to table with data?

We can get the Refence key to the next table (cw_vcenter) from the CwVcenter table to the additional column using template ${data.CwVcenter?.Ref_cw_Cluster}. What we should to do to get the one of the column from table Cw_Cluster using second Level table and references key ?
We tried to use CwVcenter.REF_cw_Cluster (property) and template (${data.CwCluster?.Assetname2}) but we have hang up application in this page open (edit pageā€¦)