Easiest way to create and maintain a custom theme?

I have made my own custom theme by

Is there a better way of doing this? Can it be done directly from my project without cloning the radzen-blazor repo?

The easiest way would be to use Radzen's Theme Editor (a paid feature). Otherwise you need to build the theme from the provided SCSS files as you are currently doing.

Is there any documentation how granular/deep the themes can be modified using Radzen's Theme Editor. E.g. visual apperance of (any?) Radzen blazor component?

No, we don't have such documentation. You can check the theme builder itself:

Jonas, I know it's a lot of time ago, but could you share the detailed way to recompile a modified theme, please?
Thank you.

To recompile a theme you only have to build the Radzen.Blazor project. The SASS compilation happens as a MSBuild task inside of Radzen.Blazor.csproj

Thank you very much, Korchev. It worked perfectly at first shot, but now I don't know how to use a modified theme (modified copy of one of the existing themes), in my own project, since it has wrong relative paths...

Just copy everything from Radzen.Blazor/wwwroot to your application wwwroot.

Fastest support I've ever seen! :slight_smile: Really thank you again! It looks perfect.

@korchev just a quick question here. If I want to change something about the standard theme; do I change the standard.scss file or the standard-base.scss. It seems that both are compiled to css but in the documentation (and demo) always the *-base.css is used. What's the purpose of the standard.scss then?

Base themes are without global styling (scrollbars, selection, font etc.).

Still confused which we should use to change the theme. For the standard theme, I see 653 lines in the standard.scss and 609 lines in the standard-base.scss. The content is like 80% the same. If we want to change some colors for example we need to change it in what file?

Again, it depends if you want to style the global styles or not. If you need just Radzen components you can use base themes.

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Just to add that the non base themes include boostrap as well. We recommend using the base themes.