E-Mail confirmation

Hello radzen team,
i have activated e-Mail Confirmation in an app. i deleted the app and created a new one. Same name same database. i deleted the aspnet tables and the _efmmigrationshistory table. i activated security default und left the E-Mail Confirmation checkbox blank.
Now when i add a new User and want to login with him a got an error “E-Mail Cormation is missing”

See Video

What can i do?


btw: there is no username field on the register or add user page so that the mail address is the username. we need a username field because our users need that in addition to the e-mail address.but not the same as the e-mail address. is it correct that theré is no username field? must we add one manually? the aspnet_user table has username field.

Hi Thomas,

This is indeed strange provided that you have deleted the aspnet* tables and the EF migrations one. Can you zip the meta directory of the app and attach it here (or send it to info@radzen.com)? Also does deleting the server directory and running the app again resolve the issue? We will run some local tests too to see if we can reproduce it.

Indeed Radzen by default uses the Email as UserName. I think though that you can extend the autogenerated forms to have a custom UserName property which won’t be the email. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Open the Add User page
  2. Select the Form component
  3. Add a new form field. Set Property to UserName (you have to type it in).
  4. Repeat the same steps for the Register page if you want.

This should be enough to have a separate UserName property you can log in with instead of email.