Dynamically add menu items

I use the default Main layout coming from Radzen desktop, with the sidebar to the left.
The default navigation menu is in this sidebar.
I use 3 menu items: Home, Clients, and Search.

When I click on the Clients page I get a Datagrid with my clients.
When I click on a row in that grid I go to the detail page of that client.
At this point, I would like to add some menu items to the navigation menu, with URLs like client/{clientId}/SomeAction.

Is this possible? If so could you tell me how to do this?
I don't need to do this with Radzen Desktop, plain coding in VS is enough.

I think I need to listen to the navigation change event (does it exists?) and then remove this submenu and when I have a clientId add the submenu.

You can try hiding menu items via @if:

@if (menuItemShouldBeVisible) {

Thanks for the quick reply.

Not sure if you meant this as well, but I implemented session state as mentioned in http://blazorhelpwebsite.com/Blog/tabid/61/EntryId/4338/Implementing-State-Management-In-Blazor.aspx

I put my client object in it and it works fine.

Using UriHelper.LocationChanged += LocationChanged; I reset my client state when navigating to another page then my client-details page and then my custom menu is not shown anymore.