Dynamic RadzenDropDownDataGrid With ExpandoObject

I'm using ExpandoObject in RadzenDropDownDataGrid but when I select the row the following error appears:


The type that I binding to Data attribute is List<IDicitionary<string, object>> and TValue="int?". Can I use something like ValueProperty="Id" TextProperty="Name" or just using @bind-Value?

I decided to use ExpandoObject because I want to use the filter from RadzenDropDownDataGrid. The filter don't work in a list inside of a data. Example:

class Company{
string Name;
List< Person > People;
if i throw in a Column People.Name and use AllowFilteringByAllStringColumns="true" will not find the People.Name.

As the error suggests you cannot cast ExpandoObject (your actual type) to int? (what you have specified as TValue). I don't think your requirement is supported.

Since isn't possible to require that way, would have how i bind to your filter a method of my own? If it were possible would facilitate a lot.
Thanks in advance and thanks to your reply @korchev.