Dynamic One-to-Many Checkbox List?

I'm trying to build a simple UX with one-to-many options that can be selected for a user. Kind of like master-detail, but I don't want the complexity of a child grid. I just wanted some checkboxes. The issue is that the list of options is data driven, not a fixed list. Is is possible to dynamically bind the options in a checkbox list? I haven't been able to figure it out. Binding to a simple data object with Text and Value properties doesn't work. If not this, what's the next most simple way to accomplish my goal?

Hi @DarKow,

You can bind CheckBoxList to some array coming from your database like this:

${result.value}.map(c => { return {text: c.CompanyName, value: c.CustomerID} })

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Thanks. I was close yesterday, but not quite. This works as expected. :grinning:

Would be a good thing to add to the component documentation.