Dynamic Datagrid cell selection

I used the example in Blazor DataGrid supports dynamic data sources to create a datagrid with dynamic columns based on the data.
I have implemented the row selection of dynamic datagrid based on your support, and row selection works well.

I have following task that needs help:
My software also needs cell selection function. when a user selects a row in the dynamic datagrid, then the user click a cell in the selected row. After the user clicks a cell of dynamic datagrid, the associated object of clicked cell as a parameter is passed to the cell section function where the object of clicked cell is used for some purpose. Could you please help me to implement dynamic datagrid cell selection function?

Thank you!


There is no way to know which cell is clicked in the current implement of row select/click.

Could you please add the cell selection function of dynamic datagrid in the future?

We don’t have plans to add such feature in the near future. What we can do is exposing clicked cell in RowClick event arguments.

UPDATE: We've decided to add DataGrid CellClick and CellDoubleClick events and I've made example for cell selection - it will be part of our next update before the end of the week:

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