DropDownDataGrid with LoadData and Paging


I am currently working on implementing a Radzen DropDownDataGrid in my project.

I have successfully been able to have it load my data statically on page load (meaning it loads once and returns the whole dataset). When I do this, paging works properly as well.

Recently I was toying with the idea of using the LoadData event of the DropDownDataGrid instead. I am working on implementing this and have almost everything working with one exception. The entire 4000+ records load in the dropdown and suddenly the paging options that were there when I loaded the dropdown the other way are gone. I tried adding PageSize to the specifications but this doesn't seem to do anything.

Thoughts? Ideas? With everything showing without paging the DropDownDataGrid is horrifically slow with so many records.

Hi @bjkountz,

You can check our demo for reference:

You need to set Count (total records count) and get chunk of your data using LoadData event arguments.

Thanks! This worked for loading and paging.

Now I seem to be running into an issue though that if I select an item and then page forward or back, I am losing my selected item. Then it will magically reappear selected if I page back to the spot where my selected item is. My guess is - it is not showing it as selected because when doing this with LoadData and chunks, the selected item is not technically in the list?