DropDownDataGrid Unable to Filter with Template

I have a Blazor DropDownDataGrid that to select a person with First Name and Last Name.

I find that If I have seperate columns for both the First and Last and type in text, the control searches both first and last for a match.

However, if I add a template to the dddg with the following:

@(Person_Singleton.FirstName + " " + Person_Singleton.LastName)

My question: How do I have a filterable dddg with a template? Thanks

This is my full component:

<RadzenDropDownDataGrid TValue="Person"
        AllowFiltering="true" AllowFilteringByAllStringColumns="true"
        Data=@Data  Value=@SelectedEntity
        Visible=@Visible Disabled=@Disabled AllowClear=@BooleanHelper.Opposite(IsRequired)
        Change=@(args => OnSelectionChanged(args))  Style="width:100%">
    <Template Context=person>
        @(person.FirstName + " " + person.LastName)
            <Template Context=person>
                @(person.FirstName + " " + person.LastName)
        <RadzenDropDownDataGridColumn Property="FirstName" Title="First Name" Width="100px" Sortable="true" Filterable="true" />
        <RadzenDropDownDataGridColumn Property="LastName" Title="Last Name" Width="100px" Sortable="true" Filterable="true" />

Hi @prvlion,

Filtering is performed at data level while templates are just for rendering. Check custom filtering in this demo:

As always, thanks for the quick reply.

I do have a follow up question. If templates are just for rendering, why would adding the template eliminate the ability to filter?

If I have the template, it will not filter.
If I comment out the template, filtering works.

Thanks again.

There is custom template example in the same demo and filtering works normally.