DropDownDataGrid questions


I'm trying the DropDownDataGrid component and noticed two things:

  • When sorting with LoadData is used only the string LoadDataArgs.OrderBy is filled and not LoadDataArgs.Sorts list. Is that by design or is it a bug? This is working fine in regular DataGrid.

  • Does grid in this component support nested models like regular DataGrid? I've got model and binding like this:

class Sub {
   public string STR { get; set; }

class Model {
   public string STR { get; set; }
   public Sub SUB { get; set; }
    <RadzenDropDownDataGridColumn Property="STR" />
    <RadzenDropDownDataGridColumn Property="SUB.SRT" />

But data displayed in SUB.SRT column are the same as in SRT column. This also works fine in DataGrid.