DropdownDataGrid increase size of searchbox-result


is it possible to add more rows to a Dropdowndatagrid searchbox-result list?
And also it would nice to change row length:


You can modify the value of the variable bound to PageSize:

The dropdown width cannot be modified at the moment.

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I have tried to change PageSize but this does not increase the number of visible rows for me.

When I change PageSize I can only scroll down the whole list vertically:
As you can see in my previous screenshot there is only 1 page with page size 100 - but still only 6 visible rows.

Yep, i just saw that. For some reason the DropDownDataGrid paging is broken in your case - should look like this:

Is there any plans to allow this feature?

My use case has a DataGrid with multiple columns to edit and thus the dropdowns aren't that wide due to the amount of columns. So it'd be really good if you could specify a wider width for the dropdown than the picker.