DropDownDataGrid Behavior

Prior to the 4.20.1 release, the down and up arrow keys would traverse through the list of items in the DropDownDataGrid but not select them. To actually select an item you had to hit enter or left click the mouse.

In the 4.20.1 release (DropDownDataGrid keyboard row navigation added · radzenhq/radzen-blazor@f2cb6ed · GitHub) that behavior was changed to automatically select an item in the list when using the down and up arrow keys.

Is there a way to disable that automatic selection behavior?

We’ve decided that the behavior should be the same as HTML select element. When the popup is closed the arrows will select immediately the item, if the popup is open arrows will just focus the item and ENTER will select it. There is no way to disable or change this behavior.

Ok, thank you for the quick response.

Regarding this new behavior, can you explain why the DropDownDataGrid behaves differently when virtualization is enabled? On the demo page, the two examples with virtualization select the item immediately on arrow down, but the rest of the examples wait until Enter is pressed.

Immediate selection of the item is needed in this case otherwise the virtualization will not work. This is the best we can do with the default Virtualize component provided by the framework.

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