DropDowndataGrid Background color

Hello radzen team,
i have customize the Material (Premium) Theme. I have a dropdowndatagrid component in one of my pages. looks like this:

I want to customize the Blue and Green color marked with the arrows.
It seems that i have changed the color of both but i dont know how i did that because there is no dropdowndatagrid compoment in the Theme editor.

How can i do or correct this?

Kind Regards

Hi @Thomas,

There is no search button in our recent templates - if you want you can hide it as well since the search in this component is as you type:

You can check using your browser devtools inspector what css classes are used and customize them in server\wwwroot\assets\css\styles.css

Hi @enchev,
ok. I turned Showearch off because i dont need a search button.

The Background of the dropdowndatagrid is class ".ui-lookup-panel"

So i overwrite .ui-lookup-panel in my custom style.css. i will test it.

Thank you

You have plans to add dropdowndatagrid to theme customizing?


Yes, we will add it in some of the future Radzen releases. No ETA for the moment.