DropDown UI Automated Tests


what would be the quickest and most reliable approach to driving RadzenDropDown selection in Playwright UI automated tests?

Currently we

  • look up the dropdown & click
  • get the dropdown 'Id' attribute value
  • find the auto-generated popup with id 'popup-dropdownid',
  • find the item to select by name and click

this is relatively slow (clicking, waiting for popup, clicking inside popup) and unreliable because the dropdown id sometime changes in-between actions (UI re-rendering?) and with it the popup id

is there a better approach?

Hi @stefanz,

To avoid the changing of the popup id you can set the id attribute of RadzeDropDown:

<RadzenDropDown id="products"

Then the popup will have id popup-products.

Other than that there isn't any other way to simulate dropdown selection than by clicking an item.

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