Dropdown search in grid getting "Error: Enum type 'Currency' not found "

Please see my Currency dropdown in Grid. While searching like USD I'm getting error
(Error: Enum type 'Currency' not found (at index 17)).


<RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="OfferListItemDto" Width="250px" Property="Currency" Title="Currency">
                            <EditTemplate Context="offer">
                                <RadzenDropDown @bind-Value="offer.Currency" Data="@DealProgramDropdown.Currency" AllowClear="true" AllowFiltering="true"  TextProperty="Currency" ValueProperty="Currency" Style="width:100%; display: block" />                                                                

Search is working fine with same code as a stand still dropdown but in grid not working. Any suggestions please ? Thanks !

Check if you have Currency property in the items provided as Data for the component.

Yes, Data are populated but search function inside dropdown is not working.
exactly same code is working outside of grid. I used this below dropdown in a form and search functionality working fine but in grid its showing that error. Thanks !

<RadzenDropDown AllowClear="true"
                                                Style="width: 100%"
                                                @bind-Value=@offer.Currency />

As I already noted in my previous reply you need to have Currency on the collection item used for Data in order to use search.

This is my Currency List data

Thanks for your reply. Could you give me an example please? Thanks !

You don't have any properties for your collection, you should remove:

The first example in our demo is using simple collection:

Here is the same with enabled filtering:

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Great, Thank you so much, its working now.