Dropdown multiple with chips


I wish to use dropdown multiple with chips as shown in https://blazor.radzen.com/dropdown. How can I achieve this in Radzen Studio? I added an attribute "Chips" with value "true" to a dropdown with no success.

I'll appreciate your help.


Hi @Carlos_Carminati,

Radzen is still not updated with the latest version, it will be before the end of this week. In the meantime you can update manually the reference to Radzen.Blazor in your project.

Thanks, I'll await your version update.

It is also required to enable multiple selection by setting the Multiple property to true (or checking it in Radzen).

Hi, I updated Radzen Studio to version 2.70.4 and can see new Chips property of dropdown. However, when used according to sample, dropdown height don't increase to show selections:


This is dropdown markup generated:

<RadzenDropDown AllowClear="true" AllowFiltering="true" Chips="true" Data="@areas" MaxSelectedLabels="20" Multiple="true" style="width: 100%" TextProperty="Value" ValueProperty="Key" TValue="System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string, string>" Name="Dropdown2">

Something wrong?


Hi @Carlos_Carminati,

Do you have custom modifications of the theme using Radzen theme builder? If this is the case most probably the application CSS is not updated. Please open the application settings and press Save button to regenerate the CSS.

Yes, I customized theme colors. And YES! your solution works!