Dropdown list filter


I have a list of DTO, the DTO includes three items: DTO {nameId (int), fullName(string), shortName(string)}, the bind-Value

List selectNameId = new string[1];

I created a dropdown list with multiple selection, I used

                <RadzenDropDown @bind-Value="@selectNameId" TextProperty="shortName" ValueProperty="nameId" Style="width:100%"
                                                                            Change=@(args => OnChangeAsync(args, "DropDown with multiple selection"))
                                                                          Data="listOfSystemTypes" Multiple="true" />

then function is:
protected async System.Threading.Tasks.Task OnChangeAsync(object value, string name)
object value is selected nameId (int)
selectNameId = How to transfer value to string list here and assign to selectNameId ?????????

My problem is how to convert value to list of selectNames and assign to selectNames

Your Data property is a list of objects with id and name

yes, I try to use name to be displayed in dropdown list. when a user select names, then the id(s) will be taken to select data from data table.