Dropdown in Datagrid isse

When I try to add a dropdown to a datagrid a I get an error message saying 'cannot convert from Radzen.page.mypage to system.collections.Ienumerable'

I am choosing the data table form the properties drop down which i assume gets its optiosn from the page load events. I've checked back and these properties in page load all seem consistent.

Any ideas what i'm doing wrong?

Check the example for the DropDown and see which variable you have incorrect.


teh page you directed me to doesnot show a dropdown inside a datagrid.

I have looked at my code and can't see anything amiss. I have also tried adding dropdowns on different datagrids with different underlying tables and every one immediately gives the same issue. I can't get any datagrid to host a dropdown?

I'm not sure what else to try. Please advise.

thanks John

Can you post a bit of code? That usually means a callback signature is not correct,

It seems to have been fixed by on eo fthe intervening releases.