Dropdown Filter 2 Scenarios

I was wondering if someone can help me out with a walkthrough. I have been trying to accomplish a similar task 2 different ways, both involve creating a drop down filter for a data grid. Consider it products and categories.

Scenario 1 - Create a filter template in the column heading
I add the filter template and load categories. No issue. I then bind the filter value property of the category column to the result of the selected category.

Scenario 2 - add a drop down external to data grid that filters based on selection.
I can create dropdowns in each location. I am missing something however. In both scenarios I can never seem to have my data grid update. I have set a page property of selectedCategory. I update the selectedCategory on change of the dropdown. I then call method to getproducts with filter based on selectedcategory.

I know I am missing something fairly simple, I would appreciate any help for a newbie.


Hi @jheatherington,

Check this article: https://www.radzen.com/documentation/blazor/query-builder/

Exactly DataGrid filtered by DropDown selection.

Here is also a demo about DataGrid filtered by DropDown in column FilterTemplate: