Dropdown data set by previous input value

Is it possible to have the selected value of a previous input impact the data values displayed in a DropDown?

Example Scenario:
I have two DropDown components Letter_dd & Word_dd
I want the selected value of Letter_dd to determine the values to be displayed in Word_dd.
For example:

  • if (Letter_dd = A) then the possible values of Word_dd include { air, ant, apple, etc. }.
  • if (Letter_dd = B) then the possible values of Word_dd include { ball, bat, banana, etc. }.

Example Pseudocode:
List<Letter> Letters;

Class Letter {
string name;
List<Word> Words;
Class Word {
string name;

Therefore Letters is bound to Letter_dd & Letter.Words is bound to Word_dd.

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Thanks, I overlooked this.
Apologies for the inconvenience.