DropDown Change not being called

I have this call to the function just for testing but when i change the value nothing appens

Hi @Afonso_Martins,

You can check our online demo which shows how to handle the Change event: Blazor DropDown | a free UI component by Radzen

Im calling now using the Change="@args=> GeneroChange(args))" but it still does nothing
And when compiling it says thats does not exist "console".
It does nothing to this, but if i use the radzen app it calls with no problem

The demo doesnt work,lol

The demo seems to work fine for me. The Change event successfully logs info in the event console.

But when i use the code to call on my program making almost a copy it cant call the function,the Change command does not work if not using TValue dynamic and the args dynamic i dont have a clue why. Do you have any idea?

Setting TValue is needed when Blazor cannot infer the type of a generic component from usage. It shouldn't bother you.

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So then why is it not letting call the function, for example i have used a function from the demos and it doesnt call because its not a dynamic, all the functions that the args are not dynamic it doesnt work. And i need to use a not dynamic because i need to use the value. I dont know if u understood

Srry :sweat_smile:

for example this one thats on the demo doent work

but this way it works
the problem is that i need to get the user input on the dropdown and for that i need the @bind-value and the TValue needs to be string and on this case this appens:

Our demo shows how to use @bind-Value with combination with Change as well. The argument of Change should be either dynamir or object. Then you can cast it to the desired type:

void OnChange(object value)
   var stringValue = value as string;

Can you link that demo part and say more or less in which line is? pls

Or do i have to do Change="@OnChange(the bind value)?

The same way i have this the demo has this:
And i have a copy of ths function :

well, it works now but i have a problem
i have done like you said but the sexVar value is being updated to a null value


I don't see any code setting that variable. You need to do @bind-Value="sexVar" and not @bind-sexVar="sexVar". You seem to have not checked the demo that I keep linking.

I made it this way and its now working flawless, thanks

As I have said this code is invalid @bind-sexVar=@sexBind. You only need to do @bind-Value=@sexVar and don't even need to handle the Change event. Also you can paste code here instead of screenshots - it is easier to search, copy and paste.