DropDown Change action works locally, but not firing on Server

I have a bunch of dropdowns like this:

<RadzenDropDown AllowClear="true" TValue="int"
                Data="@(_savedQueries.Select(c => c.QueryName).Distinct())"
                TextProperty="QueryName" ValueProperty="ID" Class="w-100" 

<RadzenDropDown AllowClear="true" AllowFiltering="true"
                @bind-Value="@SelectedValues" Multiple="true" Placeholder="@("Select a " + @Title)" Data="@Items"

The dropdowns work great on my local machine running in both VS2022 and Rider 2022.2.

When I upload the website to the server, though...

I click on them and the menu drops down, but I can't select any options via the mouse:


If I'm using a multiple select dropdown, I can click into the blank field, click the down arrow twice, then click the spacebar, and it will select the appropriate value.

If I'm using a single select dropdown, I can click into the blank field, click the down arrow once, and it will perform the appropriate action as if I had clicked the dropdown and selected the first value.

It's only RadzenDropDowns -- all the other Radzen Components I'm using are working perfectly.

Anyone have any idea what I've done wrong?


Anyone have any thoughts?

This is a show-stopper for me.

I've got to get this working, or swap back to regular HTML dropdowns.

Looks similar to this issue:

Make sure you are using latest version of our NuGet package.

I try and stay current on all my NuGet packages. I'll confirm on Monday morning. Thanks!

That did it.

3.19.10 => 3.20.2 resolved the issue.