DropDown auto closing when opening by clicking at the bottom

Hello @Team

There is an issue with all of my dropdowns. When clicking at the very bottom of them, the item list opens and immediately closes. I couldn't reproduce this in the demos unfortunately. Any idea of what might be the cause?


Because of the low fps, the recording only caught the issue at the very end, but I assure it happened on every click at the bottom.

Also, the width of the item list is not set correctly after opening (it should be the same as the component itself). I wonder if I'm missing some css...

We reproduced the first issue and will look into it. However we couldn't reproduce the second. We will need a sample page that reproduces it.

The second issue can only be reproduced if the dropdown doesn't have a fixed size. This is why it's not possible to reproduce it in the DropDown demo for example.

Fortunately there are some 100% width dropdowns around, like in the TemplateForm demo:


UPDATE: it seems that for dynamic width dropdowns, the items list width is set when they are first opened. And it sticks with this width throughout the component life cycle, only being updated when the component width is increased.

Thanks! It will be fixed in our next update early next week.

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