Drop down text value and property pair

I am having some difficulty displaying values in the drop down and the using a foreach loop to utilize the filters in the filterValues[] IEnumerable. Right now the drop down shows the actual filters[] as selection text and then populates the filterValues[] on selection which then I iterate through and add to the column properties. Is there a simple way to display a different set of values in the drop down while still getting the filters[]? I am essentially trying to display to the user "Gender" when the filter is "gender" or "Race" instead of "SumaryRace". Any help would be appreciated, I feel like the solution must be simple but I cannot find it. Thank you!

<RadzenDropDown AllowClear="false" AllowFiltering="true" FilterCaseSensitivity="FilterCaseSensitivity.CaseInsensitive"
@bind-Value="@filterValues" Multiple="true" Placeholder="Select Student Fields" Data="@filters"
Change="@(args => ChangeBaseQuery(args))"/>

@foreach (var filters in filterValues)
 <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Webadmin.Models.Schools01.StudentsExtended" Width="100px" Property="@filters" Title="@filters">

IEnumerable<string> filterValues = new string[] { };
IEnumerable<string> filters = new string[] { "gender", "birthdate", "SummaryRace", "PrimaryContactEmail", "address1" };

The DropDown can display only items that are available in the collections bound to Data property.