Drop Down Template

Hello Radzen Team,
i defined a template for Fahrer.Name, Fahrer.Vorname in a dropdown box like described here

I have a page "Fahrer" and an entity "Fahrer". So i must define the template like this:
@((data as Models.Trentdb.Fahrer).Name), @((data as Models.Trentdb.Fahrer).Vorname)

which works fine but leads to an error in the Designer:

How can i get rid of this? Is there any other way? Did i miss something?


Unfortunately this is a limitation of the current Radzen Blazor design-time implementation. It generates classes at runtime but cannot do so with their full namespace. For your case it has created a class called Fahrer but it can't be referred to with its full namespace. The only solution that will make design time work at the moment is to rename your page and change the template to @((data as Fahrer).Name)