Draggable dialog actually not moving when dragged

I know this is topic is mentioned at least once weekly but I'm experiencing strange behaviour and I'm not sure why.

When i started with Radzen.Blazor I was testing many features and I'm sure i tested dialog with Draggable and it worked, i remember because i found it neat. Then I implemented my system and Draggable left on default false. Now, after many dialogs in my system i tried to turn on Draggable but not only are my dialogs not draggable, but after atempting to drag dialog and subsequently closing it, Blazor starts to spam console with this error on mouse move (so constantly...):

Apart of that log message and dragging by the dialog's header not working everything else works fine, reopening the dialog, dialog content etc.

I thought it must be something specific I do in my system, so I created new page, and copied example from docs (and simplify dialog content a bit to just some text and close button):

@inject DialogService dialogService

<RadzenButton ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Warning" Text="Dialog" Click="OpenModal" />

@code {
	private async Task OpenModal()
		var result = await dialogService.OpenAsync("Simple Dialog", ds =>
				<p class="mb-4">Confirm Order ID <b>123</b>?</p>
				<RadzenButton Text="Ok" Click="() => ds.Close(true)" />
			new DialogOptions() { Draggable = true }

And it behaves the same. Also, my system is Blazor WebAssembly and I'm adding DialogService as scoped.


Hey, I can see that it's working on demo page, no need to make me gifs.

My question was more about how it's possible to use it so wrong that it behaves this way. Because I'm, initializing Radzen.Blazor according to documentation, and I'm using example from demo page. What else could mess it up? Only other thing involved in all this is app initialization and layout which does not contains any code...

We haven't been able to reproduce this problem yet so we don't know what is causing it. I am attaching a vanilla wasm application (created with dotnet new blazorwasm) which works as expected.
DraggableDialog.zip (193.0 KB)

Well, we are just trying to help you as in your other threads and are testing your code in our demos. For free. Iā€™m not sure what else we can do for you.

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