Does RadzenDatePicker accept DateOnly Value?

I am trying to set the TValue for RadzenDatePicker to be DateOnly but it gives me an invalid cast exception.

<RadzenDatePicker TValue="DateOnly" @bind-Value=@_date Change=@(args => OnDateChange()) Class="w-100" />

_date variable is also of type DateOnly.

Does Radzen only accepts DateTime and not DateOnly?

Indeed, RadzenDatePicker does not support DateOnly.

Thanks. Would this be something that will be implemented in future? If we don't need a time property for the requirement, it would be ideal that the date picker accepts DateOnly as well.

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We don't have plans to add explicit support for DateOnly.

it's really very stupid to show datetime in Date Picker

Got it

                                <RadzenDatePicker Style="width: 100%;" DateFormat="dd/MM/yyyy" @bind-Value="kullanici.IseGirisTarihi" />

DateFormat="dd/MM/yyyy" support this.