I really want to like Radzen as a replacement for VS LightSwitch, but I’m finding the documentation to be absolutely terrible! I haven’t spent this long shouting “WTF???” at some instructions for ages. Even at something supposedly as simple as calling a MSSQL stored procedure with some parameters, returning the results and displaying them in a data grid. Surely one of the most fundamental things you would want to be able to do with a CRUD application…?

Can anyone point me in the direction of some useful instructions or tutorials?

Hi @Gareth_Hill,

First of all I am very sorry that you find the Radzen documentation absolutely terrible. We are doing our best to provide documentation on par with our product features. For example this section shows how to data-bind a grid to the result of a stored procedure. It also shows how to provide values to certain stored procedure parameters. I would appreciate some more details about how to make those instructions more useful to you.

Hi Korchev. I don’t mean to be rude with my comment, so apologies if it was taken as such. Just feeling a little bit frustrated!

My impression of the documentation is that it has been written from the point of view of someone who already knows the application inside out, so for someone like me who is completely new to it, it often doesn’t make sense. For example, from the link above, point (2) is “Set CustomerID property on TextBox Change event”. It is only when zooming in on the image that you can see what you’re actually setting the CustomerID property to. It doesn’t say why you set the value to ${event} - I’m sure that makes sense to people who have been working with Angular for years, but I have a bit more limited knowledge on the subject.

I’ve managed now to get the stored procedure partially working - it’s throwing some errors which I have to work out, but it has taken me about 4 hours so far to just get that part working.

From what I’ve seen so far, Radzen looks really good, but I’m really struggling to understand how to use it.

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FWIW we have just added some more getting started articles under the Fundamentals section. We hope they explain better what properties are, how to set them and how to data-bind component properties.