Docker deploy walkthrough?

I have a pilot application ready. I've deployed it to Azure Web App and Azure SQL with success. I have a second version of the application that uses MySQL and I want to deploy the application to DigitalOcean using a Docker image and a managed MySQL. The managed MySQL was easy but need some help with the Docker part. Is there a walkthrough or cookbook for how to deploy to Docker? Thx!!!!

Btw: Radzen is awesome!


  1. Create Dockerfile in root of your source code directory with these contents:

FROM AS build
COPY deploy /app
ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "server.dll"]

  1. Create buildrun.cmd in same directory:

docker build . -t
docker run -it --rm -p 666:5000 --name

  1. Execute FTP deploy in Radzen IDE (this will populate the deploy subdirectory - just specify a bogus ftp server username and password). Make sure to specify the appropriate data source connection string(s) on the deploy screen

  2. Run buildrun.cmd

  3. Open localhost:666 in browser

That's all!