Do i need to [Authenticate] on the serverMethodsController.cs

hi guys,

quick question, i have a number of custom queries which are defined in the serverMethodsController.cs i.e.

        public IActionResult GetSomething(string userId, Guid parentId)
                var result =query.....

                return Ok(System.Text.Json.JsonSerializer.Serialize(result, new JsonSerializerOptions { PropertyNamingPolicy = null }));
            catch (Exception)
                return BadRequest();


for general security of this end point, do i need to include [Authenticate] on it? or is this already taken care of?

also extention to that question, is there a way to make these API's publically available?

You either have publicly available API without [Authenticate] attribute or you have [Authenticate] attribute which will require login.

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thanks @enchev
i have resolved to apply authorization to the entire API service, it might be worth while to note that in the custom query documentation