Display pop up window before saving record

We used the "Condition" property of the Create method to ask a confirmation from the user before creating a new record.

The condition is:
confirm('Are the date and time correct?')

The users are complaining that when they click on "Cancel" the record they were creating is lost.
Would it be possible to display a pop up window, but to go back to the record that was gettting created if the user clicks on "Cancel"?

Not sure I understand your question however you can execute anything before and after any operation in Radzen.

When the user clicks on the "save" button after inserting a new row in a datagrid (datagrid online editing), I want to pop up a window to ask the user to make sure he selected the corrrect date. If the user clicks "Cancel" I would like the user to be able to change the date and click "save" again and not lose any data that was entered for the new record.

The behaviour of the built-in functionality (Condition = confirm('Are the date and time correct?')) is not cancel out of data insertion and to lose the data that was entered.

Is there a better way to do this?