Display clickable link in Datagrid

I have a Datagrid Property called AttachmentURL. How do I display this as a clickable link?

Hi @scjhnsn,

You can use the Template property of a DataGrid column and drop a Link component there. Then set the Path property of the link to AttachmentURL. Here is an animated gif showing the procedure.

That worked. It navigated to the URL but also opened the Edit Page. Is there a way to open the Edit Page only when I click on the first (non url) column?

By default the RowSelect event of the DataGrid fires when the user clicks any cell. We can make the Link not propagate the click event or you can open the edit page via custom Button/Link in a cell (e.g. the first cell). What would you prefer?

Off the top of my head, I would prefer the Link not propagate the click event. That way the user can click on any other cell and still open the edit page.

That makes sense (we have already done it for the Button). Will be part of the next Radzen release.