Disable a button based on loaded data

My API gives me a boolean value where I want to decide if I should enable a Botton or not, based on the loaded item in a detail view.

When loading the page, I invoke a datasource method which gives me the details including the boolean value if the button should be enabled or not.

I tried 2 things:

  • bind the "disabled"-property of the button to my boolean value.
  • set a property with this boolean value and bind the "disabled"-property of the button with this property.

I already got a similar thing to work: when I click on a row in a grid, I can make a button enabled or disabled. But this approach seems not to work when I load a page.

Do you have an idea how I can control the disabled/enabled state of a button based on the result of an invoked datasource method for an detail view that I call with an ID?

Thanks, Markus

Binding the Disabled property should have worked. Can you attach a screenshot or the configuration? We need the invoke data source method, setting the property and how the Disabled property of the button is wired up.