DialogService use it in a C# file

Hello all,

I am trying to use dialog service in class file. I have a wrapper service result model and I want to show a dialog if any error occurs but I cant use it. I dont know the way to use the dialog sevice in another or use it as static

thanks in Advance

You might need to check what code generates Radzen Blazor Studio from CRUD pages templates:

I thank you for your anwser but I think that I wasnt cleared. I want to use the Dialog service in a another service, lets say inside a wrapper. example

DialogService.Alert(error, title)

You can use it in whatever place, however you need to inject it as shown in my previous reply. You can read also about Blazor Dependency Injection here:

I tried with the previous example but the DialogService is null. I will try after reading your link and I dont manage it I maybe contact you again.

Thanks a lot have a nice day

Something like this?

public class UIHelpers : IUIHelpers
        private readonly NotificationService _notificationService;
        private readonly DialogService _dialogService;
        public UIHelpers(NotificationService notificationService, DialogService dialogService)
            _notificationService = notificationService;
            _dialogService = dialogService;

        public void ShowNotification(string text)
            var message = new NotificationMessage { Severity = NotificationSeverity.Info, Summary = "", Detail = text, Duration = 4000, CloseOnClick = true, Payload = DateTime.Now };

        public void OpenDialog<T>(string title, int id) where T: ComponentBase
              new Dictionary<string, object>() { { "Id", id } },
              new DialogOptions() { Width = "1200px" });

        public event Action<dynamic> OnDialogClose
            add { _dialogService.OnClose += value; }
            remove { _dialogService.OnClose -= value; }

yeah but it doesnt work. I am trying to use it here

and I declared it here :

May be something along these things?