DialogService Localization (i18n)

Good afternoon everyone,

So I was exploring the Internationalization (i18) but I'm only able to translate the DialogService message (content) inside the Dialog (Modal/Pop-up window). I still see the header (Confirm) and the buttons (OK and Cancel) in English.

How I can I translate them?

Thanks in advance

I have also another question related to i18n.

Can someone give me an example how to localize strings in UploadController.cs (for example) ?


We recommend reviewing the official Microsoft documentation:


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Thank you. It will help a lot.

Can you check my first post regarding the DialogService ?

The answer is to use the Localization API that Blazor/ASP.NET Core provides.

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Alright! Sounds great.

Thank you once again

Did you find any soulution for translate header and buttons for dialogservice