DialogService does not open and component fails silently


Following this tutorial here I setup my "Dialog pop up" with minimal code to start. Just a H3 Heading.

My dialog was NOT opening but I could not figure out why. The open event would fire but a new window would not "show up". Nothing in the F12 console or network tab. I tried numerous variations and went to bed last night with nothing working.

This morning I tried browsing directly to the page and got this error.

InvalidOperationException: Object of type 'ABC.AppServer.Pages.Business.ViewBusinesses.BusinessDetails' does not have a property matching the name 'OrderID'.

Well that is a straight forward and easy fix but it sure would have been helpful to have some error handling or console logging or something.

Just posting for Radzen team to consider and for others who may have similar issues.

When there is an exception the entire Blazor application will stop working, not only dialogs.

@enchev I wasn't seeing any error but I have since figured out the problem as well as what I was doing to not see any errors.

To be clear I was not seeing any error but that was because of something else that I had misconfigured.

So yes everything is working as expected.

The exception you’ve posted can be seen in your browser console.

Yes correct it can be seen. I wasn't seeing it but that is because of something else I had done wrong.

I'd mark this closed or delete altogether if I could but I don't see any way to do that.